Terrey Hills Golf & Country Club


Thirty minutes north from the CBD of Sydney and fringed by the Ku-ring-gai National Park, is the Terrey Hills Golf and Country Club. A former quarry site, the Club opened in 1994 and today is renowned for its natural bushland and close proximity to the city.

The Club is committed to environmental best practices and caring for its natural assets which includes treating wastewater onsite for reuse on the course. In 2015, the Club identified that its aging wastewater treatment plant was under-performing. The choices were either to build an entirely new plant, which would be a costly option, or upgrade the existing plant.

Location: Terrey Hills Golf & Country Club, Sydney Australia
Size:  40m³ per day
System Size:  6x BioGill® Towers and 4x submerged modules


After reviewing a variety of technology platforms, the Club decided to retrofit BioGill® above ground bioreactors to the existing plant. This make-over approach would save the Club money, increase the treatment performance and extend the life of the existing plant.


Six BioGill® Towers and four custom-made submerged modules were installed to treat 40,000 L/day of sewage from a residential estate and wastewater from the restaurant kitchen and toilets at the club. The treated wastewater is then reused for sub surface irrigation within the estate.


The plant is now fully compliant with independent testing showing Total Nitrogen reduced from 40mg/L to less than 8mg/L, total BOD reductions from 340mg/L to less than 10mg/L, with soluble BOD in the effluent reduced to undetectable levels. The plant is meeting all the treatment requirements from the local authorities.

Another advantage is that the BioGill® system has reduced the levels of nitrogen coming into the irrigation water. Previously, there was a high nitrogen water source which played a major role in delivering more nitrogen in an uncontrolled way to the turf surfaces, causing a variety of playability and turf health issues, including puffy turf that is prone to mower scalping.

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