Decentralized Sewage


BioGill® systems offer an ideal technology to deliver effective sewage treatment for remote locations with an easy to operate resilient system. BioGill® technology can increase the efficiency and durability of a sewage treatment process.

Compact and modular in design, BioGill® units can fit tight spaces and are easy to scale when volumes increase.


Using BioGill® technology, site operators can benefit from significant savings in treatment costs and while significantly improving the local environment.

Low sludge output

The biomass is in a high oxygen environment. This means that BioGill® bioreactors can produce more active, longer living cells resulting in a lower sludge output when compared to other biological and filtration technologies.

Resilient to changes in the waste stream

As BioGill® bioreactors hold the culture in the gill structure, quick increases in inflow volumes do not wash away the treatment culture. BioGill® units are also resilient to changes in influent concentrations that would otherwise “shock” conventional systems.

Concurrent denitrification

Total Nitrogen can be reduced on average up to 80%. The BioGill® bioreactors naturally have an oxic and anoxic treatment phase which effectively reduces TN.

Low odor

The bacteria and fungi in the biomass are extremely efficient and quick at removing the sulphides and volatile fatty acids that create the odor problems. Air exchange in and out of the BioGill® unit is low, reducing distribution of odor.

Low energy and reduced maintenance

BioGill® bioreactors work on low energy pumps and simple gravity and there is no need for high energy consuming aeration technologies. With easy maintenance on the treatment cores and lower energy consumption, BioGill® units are more cost effective to operate.

Modular and scalable

Ideal for onsite treatment because a BioGill® system can be customised for small onsite treatment or scaled as your system requirements change.

Case studies

Take a look at how BioGill® technology has assisted decentralized wastewater treatment producers across the globe.

Mantaray Island, Fiji

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Terrey Hills Golf & Country Club

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