BioGill® delivers enhanced automation to achieve ideal results at your site.

BioGill® Applications

Brewery Wastewater

Using BioGill® technology, brewers benefit from significant savings in wastewater discharge costs and improved environmental operations.

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Winery Wastewater

BioGill® technology is highly effective at reducing BOD and COD, simplifying the
management of wastewater and delivering savings on disposal costs.

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Decentralized Sewage

BioGill® technology can increase the efficiency and durability of a sewage treatment process while providing other major benefits.

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Food and Beverage

BioGill® reactors are ideal for the biological stage of treating wastewater, suited for low medium and high strength wastewater processors.

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BioGill® key benefits


The BioGill® media fosters a biomass that is remarkably tolerant of fluctuations in wastewater flow and BOD & COD loadings. This is a key benefit for facilities with variations in wastewater producing activities over the course of the week or throughout the year, making these bioreactors equally well suited to year round or seasonal use.

The Gills achieve higher BOD & COD removal capacity through faster microbial community start up which is up to 7 times faster than conventional bioreactor technology. As such, substantial biomass re establishment can occur within 24 hours after a system shock, upset or system shutdown and restart, following a dormant period.

BioGill® technology can also treat a wide range of influent BOD & COD concentrations and tolerate levels of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) that challenge or disrupt alternative biological treatment systems

Highly effective

By providing the perfect oxygen rich habitat, the microbes perform at their best, protected in the biofilm and effectively removing pollutants from the wastewater. The BioGill® technology solves many of the shortfalls of other technologies by delivering effective treatment of high organic waste streams at low cost and low energy. The technology is also proven to reduce odor.

Low touch wastewater solution

BioGill® bioreactors are simple to install and easy to operate, with minimal maintenance requirements. No skilled wastewater treatment operator is required for the day to day maintenance and operation

Standardized, modular and scalable

BioGill® bioreactors are compact in design with a small footprint. This means units can easily be added as a customer s facilities expand.