Effective wastewater solutions

BioGill supports small to medium businesses across a range of industries needing effective and affordable on-site treatment of wastewater.

BioGill manufactures above ground, attached growth bioreactors that deliver wastewater treatment in a simple, effective and low-cost manner.

BioGill products

Size and cost considerate systems that are easy to integrate and simple to manage

BioGill Tower

A versatile, modular and scalable bioreactor designed to fit tight spaces.

BioGill Tower Plus

A packaged solution that comes complete with the BioGill Tower bioreactor.


BioGill Max Series 2

An affordable and compact simplified biological treatment solution for sanitary and industrial strength wastewaters.


BioGill Max Series 4

The most versatile bioreactors in the BioGill product range.


BioGill Max Series 6

The most versatile bioreactors in the BioGill product range.

BioGill Ultra

A purpose-built system for small to medium producers with larger volumes.

BioGill applications

Enhanced automation to achieve guaranteed results at your site

BioGill for brewery wastewater

Using BioGill technology, brewers benefit from significant savings in wastewater discharge costs and improved environmental operations.

BioGill for winery wastewater

BioGill technology is highly effective at reducing BOD and COD, simplifying the management of wastewater and delivering savings on disposal costs.

BioGill for decentralized sewage

BioGill technology can increase the efficiency and durability of a sewage treatment process while providing other major benefits.

BioGill for food and beverage

BioGIll reactors are ideal for the biological stage of treating wastewater, suited for low, medium and high strength wastewater processors.

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