Wastewater Treatment Plant, Bangkok Thailand


In 2018, Genesis Environmental Service Company completed an onsite wastewater treatment plant for a multinational retailer with a flagship store in Bangkok, Thailand.

To reach the government standard, BOD in the effluent had to be below 20 mg/L, and TSS below 30 mg/L prior to environmental discharge.The existing wastewater treatment plant was under-performing and undersized, and with higher effluent targets coming into effect, an urgent upgrade was needed.

Location:  Bangkok, Thailand
Size:  300m³ per day
System Size:  10x BioGill® Towers


Ten BioGill® Towers were installed to treat 300m³ per day of wastewater generated from the onsite commercial kitchen and bathroom facilities.


Using as much of the existing plant as possible, a new wastewater treatment system was installed. Wastewater from the existing grease trap and solid separation tank now moves into an equalization tank.

From there it travels through two aeration tanks. The wastewater then goes to one of ten BioGill® Towers for biological secondary treatment. The final stage is a sedimentation tank for settling before discharge.


Since commissioning, the strict discharge limits are being met and there are no wastewater surcharges for the client.


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