Performance Boost at STP, The Middle East


An existing Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in the Middle East was experiencing loads in excess of the design capacity, stemming from peak flow rates in the morning and evenings.

Location:  The Middle East
Size:  30m³ per day
System Size: 2x BioGill® bioreactor, total 460m² of gill


Two BioGill® bioreactors were installed to demonstrate the application of BioGill® technology as a performance boost at the overloaded STP.


To help the existing STP handle shock loads and daily peaks volumes, a parallel stream of sewage influent is pumped to a recirculation tank after primary screening (down to 1mm). A pump then carries the wastewater to the top of the BioGill® unit where it is gravity fed over and down the gills.


Ultimate removal rates as high as 7gBOD/m2 per day and 1gNH4-N/m2 were achieved after complete biomass establishment. In addition, Soluble Biochemical Oxygen Demand (S-BOD) was reduced to less than 8 mg/L after 4.5 hours of treatment (15m3/unit per day).

These findings show that BioGill® technology can be effectively used for the upgrade of overloaded STPs to improve capacity and performance.

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