Meat Processing Wastewater


When producing specialty meat products and processing fresh food, it is common for odors to be generated. This was the case at a meatworks processing company where hams, sausages and other meat-based goods were produced.

Being located in an industrial estate the company was concerned about the odor of its wastewater and wanted to improve onsite treatment and odor control.

Location:  NSW, Australia
Size:  20m³ per day
System Size: 3x BioGill® bioreactor, total 720m² of media


A new treatment plant utilising BioGill® bioreactors and with both primary and secondary treatment was installed to manage the high concentration of odor-inducing FOG and COD in the wastewater.

The bioreactors provide the ideal habitat for microorganisms, Nature’s best recyclers, to consume nutrients out of the waste stream and quickly deal with the odor causing compounds.


Wastewater is first collected in a pit and passed through a screening process to remove particles larger than 1mm. The wastewater then travels into a Hydrocyclone to remove FOG, then fed into BioGill® units, operated in series. The pH is adjusted in the first stage.

Wastewater is pumped to the top of the units, dispersed over the gills, then gravity fed down through the media. Microorganisms grow on the gills, feeding on odor inducing compounds in the water on one side and drawing oxygen from the opposite side.

The ventilation design of the BioGill® bioreactors delivers an abundant supply of oxygen for microbial growth. This effect is compounded by using the BioGill® HydroSwirl™, a specially designed manifold well suited to the high suspended solids in processing wastewater.


The treatment system has significantly reduced odor and more than halved the use of chemicals at the site, leading to major cost savings. Additionally, a COD reduction greater than 85% was achieved, placing the client in a highly favourable position to comply with future local water regulations.

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