Decentralized Sewage, Manila Philippines


A large urban water authority in the Philippines wanted to reduce power consumption and treat sewage for environmentally friendly discharge to nearby waterways.

Location:  Manila, Philippines
Size:  50,000 litres per day
System Size: 4 x BioGill® bioreactors, total 1,000m² of media


Four BioGill® bioreactors were retrofitted to the existing decentralized Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).


The modified process saw the aeration tanks removed, retaining the balance tank and the clarifiers (which served an additional purpose as the treatment tank). A screen was added between the balance tank and the clarifier to remove large particles.


This process treated approximately 45kL/d with 89% reduction in BOD with treated effluent typically recording <15mg/L. As oxygen is freely available in the above ground BioGills®, expensive aeration was not required, leading to reductions in energy consumption of up to 80%. This equates to monthly energy savings of approximately US$1,473 and a yearly saving of US$17,672.

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