Confectionery Company


A multinational confectionery company was facing increased discharge fees from the local water authority. The goal was to install an effective biological system onsite to reduce COD to sub 600mg/L to minimise discharge fees.

Location:  NSW, Australia
Size:  20m³ per day
System Size:  9x BioGill® bioreactors. Total 2,160m² of


Nine BioGill® bioreactors, housed in an insulated bio chamber, were installed to treat the high sugar/ high COD wastewater.


The BioGill® bioreactors were retrofitted to the existing wastewater treatment process. The wastewater is collected in a Balance Tank where pH is adjusted and nutrients, such as Nitrogen and Phosphorous, are added as required.

The wastewater is them pumped to the top of the BioGill® units and gravity fed down the gills. Biomass grows through the gills, feeding off the nutrients in the liquid stream on one side of the gill and drawing oxygen from the opposite side.


The treatment system is recording compliant effluent results of up to a 1 log reduction in COD per cycle. On average 88% COD mg/L and 96% BOD mg/L is removed per 24 hour cycle. By reducing COD and BOD onsite, the company benefits from significant savings in discharge fees

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