Binnorie Dairy


Binnorie Dairy produces a range of cheeses, specialising in soft cheese. The company’s products have won top awards around the world. The treatment objective was to reduce odor at the initial collection point and through the existing storage pond. The company had previously installed a below ground treatment unit which was ineffective in reducing the odor.

Location:  Hunter Valley NSW, Australia
Size:  3,000-5,000 litres of cheese making wastewater per day
System Size: 492m² of media, (2 x standard BioGill® bioreactors)


In November 2012, Binnorie Dairy installed its first BioGill® bioreactor containing 246m² of media.


The bioreactor was installed over the existing storage tank. Wastewater from the cheese-making process is pumped from this tank to the top of the BioGill® and then gravity fed down the gills.


The system has delivered a dramatic reduction in odor. In addition, there has been a significant improvement in the water quality within the storage pond

Binnorie Dairy has since increased production and installed a second BioGill® to help treat the additional wastewater.

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