Manufacturing and Engineering

BioGill are the solution providers for small to medium enterprises across a range of industries who are in need of effective and affordable on site treatment of wastewater. We manufacture above ground, attached growth bioreactors that deliver wastewater treatment in a simple yet sophisticated and cost effective manner for breweries, wineries, food and beverage and decentralised sewage.

Your wastewater treatment partner

Our team of production and engineering professionals ensure our Biogill systems deliver for our customers site requirements and treatment expectations.

Meet compliance & discharge limits

Boost performance of existing plants

Resilient to shock loads & flow fluctuations

Save on surcharges

Reduce odor

Compact footprint, modular & scalable

Penang Manufacturing Facility (2000 m²)

The factory has a segregated fabrication plant (metal and plastics), manufacturing and assembly area, nano-particulate media (Gills) manufacturing plant. Located in Penang, Malaysia freeport zone for tax and duty benefits on imported material. It also has convenient road and sea links for efficient global distribution.

Our manufacturing goal is to deliver affordable wastewater treatment systems with a strong commitment to quality management producing product that delivers long-term client benefits.

BioGill manufacturing aims to deliver:

  • Quality managed manufacturing process ensuring product consistency.
  • Patented manufacturing process for our nano-particulate media (Gills).
  • Modular designs available for custom build projects globally.
  • Environment supportive production.
  • Affordable prices for our medium and smaller clients

BioGill Penang Fabrication Facility features:

  • Quality Controlled and Managed Bioreactor Fabrication Plant
  • Quality Controlled and Managed Gill production Plant.
  • Individual skid fabrication.
  • Platform, structure support and handrailing fabrication.
  • Steel and Plastic welding services of all kinds.
  • CNC machining services.
  • Inter-connecting pipework, spooling and cabling support.
Engineering services

BioGill provide product solutions that are tailored to your site and your wastewater treatment requirements

Our services include:

  • Product selection with modular design for future expansion
  • Wastewater system process design
  • Piping design
  • Customised equipment skid design
  • Plant layout, general arrangement
  • 3D modelling

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