Juice Processing


To meet local government discharge regulations, this fruit processing centre was required to improve its onsite treatment of wastewater and reduce BOD prior to discharge to the sewer.

Location:  NSW, Australia
Size:  150,000 litres per day
System Size:   48x BioGill® bioreactors arranged in three treatment bays, total 12,000m² of media


48 BioGill® bioreactors were installed in three treatment bay areas.


Wastewater passes from the factory processing area through solids filtration into buffer tanks, then transferred to one of three treatment tanks. The wastewater is then pumped to the top of the gills and dispersed by gravity across the 48 bioreactors.

Wastewater is circulated over the BioGills® for 24 hours. Following the BioGill® treatment process, the wastewater is pH adjusted prior to discharge.


BOD reduction of 2500 mg/L is being achieved over a treatment cycle.

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