BioGill® webinars

BioGill® Webinar #1 – Technology Overview

Overview of the science behind BioGill® technology, explaining how it works in reducing the nutrient load in wastewater.

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BioGill® Webinar #2 – Food & Beverage and Sewage Applications

Case studies included in this webinar are onsite wastewater treatment at a brewery, candy producer and a sewage treatment plant upgrade to boost performance to meet compliance.

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BioGill® Webinar #3 – Treating High Sugar and Food & Beverage Wastewater

Technical video featuring case studies on reducing BOD loads in wastewater at breweries, wineries and candy production facilities.

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Craft brewery webinars

Craft Brewery Wastewater Webinar

This webinar is for craft brewers needing to treat their wastewater onsite to reduce surcharges and disposal costs. Brewing beer generates wastewater rich in organic material, that must be treated.

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